How To: Take Care of Your Facial Hair

Throughout the month of November, men grow their beards and moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues. But what to do with all that brand new facial hair? Whether you’re rocking a Fu Manchu or a Van Dyke, mutton chops or a pencil tash, every type of facial hair can benefit from some specialty products. Read on for our top 5 best grooming tips, especially for Movember.

Basics: When shaving, use a product that suits your skin

Men’s grooming products have come a long way. Gone are the days where all the choice you had was between a wooden-handled shaving brush or a metal one. Nowadays, male grooming brands offer a wide range of products, suitable for all kinds skin types and hair styles. Finding a product to suit your skin type is not rocket science, and will benefit your skin to no end – as shaving irritates your skin, a proper gel, soap or cream can make all the difference for the end result.

Before shaving: Exfoliate!

Ah, the holy grail of effective grooming: a good facial scrub. Not only do these products leave your skin soft and refreshed, the scrubbing action actually readies your skin for shaving. It helps prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells and stimulates skin renewal. If you’re the proud owner of a beard, (gentle) scrubbing helps relieve itchiness and keeps your face forest under control.

Male Grooming Products

During shaving: Gels/razors

Seriously guys, dry shaving is so 2016. What you need is a proper moisturising shaving cream for that old-school retro feeling, or a modern shaving gel for that ultimate glide. And please, remember to use a sharp razor when trimming your tash? Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to have mastered the ancient art of the straight razor or cut throat, make sure to keep your blades sharp by honing it with a strop. Cut yourself? Don’t worry, here’s an overview of suitable products to use for shaving cuts.

After shaving: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Congratulations, the hard work is over. Now make sure your freshly-shaved skin is nicely nourished with a suitable moisturiser. No, we don’t mean to ‘borrow’ your partner’s one again: treat yourself and get a well-suited product just for you. A good after shave balm or lotion can reduce redness and tightness, and even help with razor burn and ingrown hairs. Some products contain an anti-bacterial agent as well, to purify the skin.

Style: Oils/balms

This final step might not be for everyone but is absolutely essential if you’re trying to show off your Movember result: styling products. Depending on your facial hair style, there are balms and oils to create that perfect handlebar ‘Poirot’ moustache you’ve been waiting for. Use a little beard brush or comb to keep unruly facial hair in check, followed by either beard oil or moustache wax. For both products, the same adage goes: use sparingly, as you don’t want your face to be sticky all day.

So, there you have it, there’s no longer an excuse to let your facial hair go haywire. Now go get your groom on!