Are You Making These Common Skincare Mistakes?

According to research done as part of E45’s Straight Up Skincare Project, nearly 40% of UK adults agree that the impact of modern life makes it harder to have healthy skin. Between heating, pollution, and the pace of modern life, it can be hard to keep your skin at its best.

E45’s surveys also revealed some surprising stats that show that our own skincare mistakes might be making things worse.

81% of people say they’re confident in their skincare, but only 1% know the correct methods of using an emollient.

Emollients come in many formats, including creams, ointments and lotions. Many contain lipids, which help your skin to create a barrier to stop water leaving the skin. Others include ingredients to attract water to the skin and keep it there.

For dry skin, and conditions like eczema and psoriasis, emollients are an essential step in your routine to help your skin’s natural protective barrier. You can replace your soap or shower gel with an emollient or use a leave-on emollient like a moisturiser. Emollients should be used two to three times a day, with adults using about a handful a day, and half an adult handful for children.

50% of the population use body moisturisers. 75% of those users are female.

Everyone, including men, should be using a body moisturiser to keep their skin at its best. For a simple beginner routine, start by applying a moisturiser after you shower, or using an emollient wash. At night, you can apply a thicker layer of emollient that you can skin can soak up over night.

76% of UK adults don’t know what makes their skin condition worse.

Your skin can be affected by environmental and emotional factors. Try and limit common triggers, and consult a Doctor if things don’t improve.

In the home, makes sure to dust and hoover regularly to remove irritants, wear gloves when cleaning to protect from harsh chemicals and try and use natural fibres in bedding and towels to minimise irritation. Try to avoid cranking up the heating or the hot water in Winter, and keep things at cooler temperature instead. For dry skin, or those who need to wash their hands more frequently than others, it can help to apply moisturiser after washing your hands, especially during cold weather.


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