Can gadgets improve your skin?

Skincare has gone futuristic with tech galore to help you achieve your best skin ever. From apps to skincare gadgets, there’s lots of ways to add some technology to your routine.

Skincare Apps

Skin loving apps come from the simple to the incredibly detailed. Keep skin plump and hydrated with an app to remind you to drink water. Conduct a full skin analysis with an app that checks your skin via photos or scans. There are even apps that will warn you about potentially harmful ingredients in products or warn you about UV levels for the day. Have an explore of the app store and you might be surprised by just how many options are out there.


Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can be used as your personal beautician. Several companies have begun to release smart mirrors, with Alexa built in. These mirrors can offer skincare and makeup advice based on your actual face, as well as tracking any changes.


Wearables go much further than your average activity tracker. There are lots of wearables appearing on the market to help you look after your skin too. Several companies, including L’Oréal and La Roche-Posay, have developed patches that measure your exposure to UV light, which warn you well before you start to see sunburn developing.


Get space-age with amazing skincare gadgets. We love Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask, which uses the same light technology used by dermatologists to target acne causing bacteria. For a more target light for smaller problem areas, try the Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment.

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