How to Care for your Movember Moustache

Movember; that time of the year when every man in your office has grown a questionable looking moustache while raising cash for men’s health. If you’re aiming to join the ranks of legendary moustache owners like Tom Selleck, Groucho Marx and Hulk Hogan, you can’t just let your ‘tache grow wild. Care for your moustache and have the best looking facial hair in the office.

Know Your Limits

Aiming for a full Burt Reynolds lip rug isn’t going to work if your facial hair growing ability is usually more baby-faced. Be realistic about how quickly your facial hair grows and choose a style you can actually grow. The more hirsute could aim for a luxurious Sam Elliot inspired ‘tache, but if your facial hair is thinner, think more John Waters pencil ‘tache.

Maintain the Shape

When you’ve chosen your style, it’s important to maintain it. Cultivate your ‘tache with a careful shape every day to keep things as you want them. Choose a razor that offers precision grooming, and a make sure you’re using a good shaving cream.  If you’re shaving more frequently, it’s important to choose a cream that suits your skin.

Style It

If you’re going for a gravity defying nose tickler, like the iconic ‘tache of Salvador Dali, you’re going to need some styling tools. You can shape your moustache with a styling product like Woodys Stache Wax and channel your inner silent movie villain,  surrealist artist or Victorian gent.

Look After Your Face

If the rest of your face is clean-shaven, it’s important to look after it, especially if it’s usually hidden under a beard. Moisturise daily and make sure you’re using an SPF to protect that newly exposed skin.


Whether you’ve taken inspiration from Clark Gable, Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer or Rollie Fingers, embrace the facial fur and enjoy growing a truly brilliant moustache for a good cause.

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