Skin Care Hacks for Winter

Winter is rough on your skin. Whether you’ve given yourself an attractive red, scaly nose because you’ve got yet another cold and have to blow your nose every ten minutes, or whether the officie central heating has made your face feel dry as a desert, we’ve got some quick skincare hacks to help you through the Winter.

Skin Care Hack One: Turn down the shower

We know it’s cold and you want the shower so hot you come out looking like a boiled lobster, but the hot water is actually very drying for the skin. It can leave your skin feeling tight and raw too, so turn the temperature down, and keep the shower lukewarm instead.

Skin Care Hack Two: Carry hand cream

Your hands are as vulnerable to the elements as your face, especially if you forgot your gloves! Keep hand cream with you; in your handbag, in your desk drawer, by the sinks at home, everywhere! Reapply frequently to keep hands soft and hydrated. You could also add a small dab on your nose if you’ve got the dreaded flakes from blowing your nose.

Skin Care Hack Three: Moisturise your face while it’s damp

After washing your face, don’t wait for it to try totally before you moisturise. Instead, pat your face mostly dry, and apply moisturiser while your skin is still damp, and lock in that moisture. Slather your hands in your hand cream before you put you gloves on; the gloves trap the cream and lets it really sink in.

Skin Care Hack Four: Choose a body cream in a tub

Thicker moisturisers are harder to get into a pump, so look for a body cream in a jar or tub, as these tend to be the heavier formulas, for that extra hydration.

Skin Care Hack Five: Take an oatmeal bath

Grind a cup of plain oatmeal in your blender until it’s a fine powder. Add to a bath of warm water, sit back, soak and relax. The oatmeal soothes dry, itchy skin, and a warm bath feels lovely in the cold.

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