How To Protect Your Hair Colour

Keeping your freshly dyed hair looing bright and glossy can be a challenge. If your colour is fading quickly, here are some easy tips to prolong your colour’s longevity.

  • After applying a colour, wait 72 hours before shampooing. Shampooing can wash out colour, especially in the first few days after dying. Giving the colour pigment time to settle will help.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair. Look for ones that are free of sulfates. Sulfates can strip the hair of natural oils, which leads to duller looking colour.
  • Turn down the water temperature when you shower. Hot water might feel great, but it’s not good for hair colour. The heat causes the hair’s cuticles to open, letting the colour be washed away. Stick to cool or luke-warm water on your hair.
  • Wash your hair less often. Shampoo will eventually strip out colour, no matter what you do. Going longer between washes means that process takes longer. Pop a shower cap over your hair when you shower, and use a colour safe dry shampoo instead.
  • Choose your colour wisely. Some colours require more maintenance. The further you go from your natural colour, the more often you’ll have to redye it. Unnatural colours like pinks and blues will need the most topping up, and some reds will also fade faster. If you’re not willing to commit to the upkeep, choose a more natural shade.

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