How To Set New Year’s Resolutions

As the year draws to a close, lots of us are starting to set resolutions for 2019. But what resolution should you pick? We’ve investigated the most common resolutions and how you can set a goal you can achieve.

A ComRes poll revealed that the most common resolution is to exercise more, with around 38% of us making this promise. 33% want to lose weight, while 32% aim to eat more healthily. It seems health is a big factor for many of us when planning for the year ahead!

But how can you decide the best goal? The best resolution is one you can keep.

  • Be specific. Don’t say ‘I want to lose weight’. Choose a goal you can measure, such as ‘I want to lose two stone this year’, or ‘I will lose 20lbs before my birthday’. A goal you can measure means you can track your progress and stay motivated.
  • Be realistic. Don’t plan to give up sugar cold turkey on January 1st. Instead, break a goal down into steps, such as cutting down on sweet treats at the office, and give yourself a sensible timeline.
  • Be excited. If you’re aiming to save money, remind yourself of what you’re saving it for. Is it a great holiday, a wedding or a house deposit? Keep this in mind as you save.
  • Be loud about it. We all like to save face in front of our friends, so broadcast your resolutions. Tell your friends, your Mum, your colleagues. If people are asking you how you’re getting on training for that marathon, you’re more likely to stick to it to dodge having to tell people you gave up.

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