Self Care This Winter

As temperatures drop and the long nights set in, it can be tempting to retreat to your duvet and hibernate until spring. This winter, say no to hiding away and practice some simple self-care to help you through the cold with a smile on your face.

Get Some Light

Did you know that one in ten people see no natural light at work, while around 30% get up before sunrise and return home when it’s already dark? A lack of natural light has been linked to depression, with Mental Health Research UK estimating that around one million working hours a year are lost to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Try and get a little natural light every day. Sit near the window if you can, leave the office for a short walk at lunchtime, and make sure your desk area is well lit.

Get Moving

Don’t become one with your sofa, no matter how comfy it is. Taking some time to get your heart rate up will make you feel much better and more energetic. If it’s too cold to contemplate going outside, try yoga or other exercise classes you can do inside. What better time to try out Hot Yoga than when the temperatures are icy?

Get Cosy

In parts of the world where Winters are hard and there’s little light, like Norway and Denmark, people work hard to create a cosy atmosphere, or ‘Hygge’, as it’s known in Danish. Hygee means a sense of wellness and contentment, and is created by a cosy atmosphere with candles, snuggly blankets, and good friends. Embrace the Danish way of coping with winter and invite your friends round for a comforting dinner and a relaxed evening with plenty of candlelight and good conversation.

Get Creative

If you’re finding yourself indoors more, why not take the opportunity to try out a new hobby? A creative project can be a great mood booster, so if you’ve always liked the idea of knitting, painting, making model aeroplanes, scrapbooking or anything else a bit crafty, the dark, cold nights are a great excuse.

Get Healthy

Many of us get rundown during the winter months, so it’s even more important to take care of your health. Add a multivitamin or a good supplement to your routine to keep your immune system hardy, and stock up on cold and flu supplies in case you do fall victim.

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