Unexpected Bonuses of Quitting Smoking

Giving up smoking has lots of obvious bonuses; your health being the major one. But when you quit, you might find some more unexpected bonuses too, from more cash in your pocket to better skin.

You’ll Save Money

Smoking is an expensive habit, with the average smoker spending around £250 a month on their habit. Save what you’d spend on cigarettes and see how much it adds up. That extra cash could pay for a holiday, a new wardrobe or an upgrade to your house.

You’ll Look Better

Losing those attractive yellow nicotine stains on your fingers and teeth is an obvious improvement, but did you know smoking is bad for your skin too? The smoke contains carbon monoxide which displaces oxygen in the skin, and nicotine reduces blood flow, which leaves skin looking dry and discoloured. Give it up, and your skin will be glowing again in no time.

You Might Improve Your Love Life

Dating without much luck? It could be because lots of people don’t like to, or won’t, date smokers. Kicking the habit gets rid of that initial block, letting those potential romances get to know you without the haze of smoke.

You Might Ditch Other Bad Habits

Lots of the cigarettes you smoke come alongside other bad habits; whether you pair your cigarette breaks with alcohol, your morning double espresso. The cravings for these things becomes entwined, so your associate your coffee with a smoke. Lots of smokers drop these habits, as they are triggers for wanting to smoke, or find they naturally drink less as they cut back on the cigarettes that would usually accompany it.

Food Will Taste Better

Smoking dulls your taste buds. When you give up, your taste buds can recover, and you might notice you have a stronger sense of taste, making food taste even better.

You’ll Have More Time

Did you know, the average smoker spends an average of seven weeks of a year outside on a smoke break? Think what else you could be doing without that interruption! You’ll interrupt your work less, and have better focus without distracting cravings. You’ll be more efficient will have more time to spend on the things you enjoy.


If you’d like to get started on your quitting journey, check out our range of Stop Smoking Aids to help you give up.


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