How To Maintain Your Weight Loss For Summer

Losing weight and keeping it off can be very difficult. A 2016 study by The Endocrine Society found that dieters who lost the most weight were more likely to keep it off, but almost all dieters regain at least some weight within two years. It is possible to dodge the regain, however. Here are our quick tips to keep trim.

Don’t restrict yourself too much

It might seem counter-intuitive, but over-restricting can set you up to fail. If you’re vowing to never eat cake again or give up all sugar/dairy/carbs forever, you’ll probably slide back into old habits. Instead, make changes you can maintain. Cut back instead of cutting out. Take a healthy lunch to work instead of buying a meal deal. Swap your Friday takeaway for a home-made version.

Move more

We all know that exercise helps you maintain weight loss but putting in hours at the gym isn’t always easy to keep up. Many studies show that 30 minutes a day is enough to maintain weight. Go for a walk at lunchtime, ride bikes with the kids or try a new exercise class.

Eat breakfast

It might not seem an obvious tip but eating breakfast can help you stay on track. A study by PubMed Central found that 78% of those surveyed who maintained a 30lb weight loss for at least a year were eating breakfast. Having a healthy breakfast helps you maintain your energy levels. Skipping it can cause an energy dip and send you scrabbling for the biscuit tin mid-morning.

Keep track of your weight

Weighing yourself regularly helps you keep on track. If weight is creeping back on, you’ll know quickly and can combat it, before you’ve put much back on. How often you check is up to you.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water helps you feel full, and can help you keep calorie intake in check. A study by PubMed Central found that those who drank water before a meal had a 13% reduction in calorie intake.

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