NHS Prescription Restrictions

Last year, the NHS announced a list of conditions that would no longer be treated on prescription. Surgeries across the UK are now beginning to bring these changes in, restricting the prescribing of medicines that can be bought over the counter.

It is estimated that around 57 million GP appointments a year are taken up by minor conditions, such as constipation, conjunctivitis and heartburn. However, the guidance released by the NHS is a guide only, leaving the final decision of the hands of individual CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups).

Buying medicines for minor conditions at pharmacies like Chemist Direct can save the NHS a large amount of money, as well as freeing up appointments for already busy GPs.

Remember, if you’re unsure what any symptoms mean, you should always consult your GP, even if you then buy treatments without the need for a prescription.

At Chemist Direct, you’ll find great prices for conditions including colds, head lice, migraine, hay fever and many more.


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