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  • How To Survive Adult Acne

  • Herpes FAQs

    Genital Herpes is a common infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, which is a different type of the same virus that causes cold sores around the mouth. If you’re confused about herpes, we’ve answered the most common questions about the condition. How common is herpes? Herpes can be very common in adults, especially in […]

  • Three Easy Tips to Relieve your Skin Condition

    Living with a skin condition, chronic or otherwise, can be difficult and very frustrating. Here are three easy everyday tips and tricks to help you relieve irritation and manage your condition better. Eczema – Dehumidifiers & Air Purifiers Eczema is a common skin condition of which the exact causes are not fully known. Those prone […]

  • 5 Tips Against a Cold or Flu

    Winter should be the time for hot chocolate, warm woolly jumpers and altogether cosiness. But as many of us know, it can also be the time to catch a cold or even flu. Here’s our top 5 tips to help you cope… Cold v Flu, what’s the difference? Although the two share a lot of […]

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